3 useful tips for making an interactive quiz


Looking for a fun way to energise your pupils? Kick start your lesson with a fun and interactive quiz by using our new function, StudyGo Live! Get your students engaged in the course materials and track their progress. You might be thinking…how can you make an interactive quiz? Keep on reading and you will find out!

1. Use pictures

When you create a quiz on StudyGo, there is an option to add a picture to the question. This can make the quiz more fun and also more interactive. With images in the quiz, you’ll remember the course materials better!

2. Fill in the missing words

With this question, get your student to fill in the missing words. This way, they can think about the course materials in an active manner. It doesn’t have to be a missing word, of course; it can also be a missing number.

3. True or false

Use our Multiple Choice function to create true or false questions for your class. This can also be used in combination with pictures to make the learning process more effective for your students.

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