Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the general terms and conditions of StudyGo. Here you can read about the agreements you make with us if you want to use our platform. Read these conditions carefully, so you know what you can and cannot do and what we can and cannot do. Under each heading there is a short summary in simple language. So if you find it all long and difficult, just read these short paragraphs.

StudyGo is a trade name of De Digitale School B.V. (KvK-number 32144948). De Digitale School B.V. is part of Futurewhiz B.V., which processes the transactions of De Digitale School B.V.

Wij zijn gevestigd aan het Prins Bernhardplein 200, 1097 JB, Amsterdam. Je kan contact met ons opnemen door een e-mail te sturen naar onze klantenservice via [email protected].

Platform Access

You can only create an account if you agree to our terms and conditions. Please fill in all your details accurately and keep your nickname and password secret. It may happen that StudyGo does not work (properly) sometimes, for instance because of a breakdown or because we are busy improving the site. StudyGo may take information (temporarily) offline, but we will of course never do this randomly. This does not limit StudyGo liability for a failure to perform or for improper performance of the contract.

  1. These general terms and conditions apply to all use that you make of our platform. On our platform you can learn words quickly and easily via online glossaries (hereinafter: “Platform”). You can see your use of the Platform and your progress through the overviews and reports.
  2. In order to use our Platform, you must enter into an agreement with StudyGo (“Agreement”), after which you can create an account and log in with your login details. You can manage the account and your login details as described on the Platform.
  3. You must keep your login details confidential. As soon as you know or suspect that your login details are being used by someone else, you must take immediate measures such as changing your login details. You must also inform us.
  4. You are responsible for personal data use of the Platform via your Login (or the use of other people to whom you have made your login details available).
  5. The information you provide when entering into the Agreement must be complete and accurate. If this information is no longer accurate, you must correct it.
  6.  You are not allowed to:
    a. Ask other users for their log-in details or use someone else’s account to log in;
    b. Access or attempt to access the Platform by any means other than through the use of your own Login Details;
    c. Allow anyone else to access your account.
  7. We may (temporarily) suspend and/or limit the use of the Platform or the information available on it (“Content”) if this is necessary for the provision of the platform, for example, for the maintenance of the Platform. This does not limit StudyGo liability for a failure to perform or for improper performance of the contract.
  8. We do not guarantee that the Platform will always be accessible without interruption or disruption. Interruptions may occur, for example, as a result of faults in the internet or telephone connection or due to viruses or other errors/defects. We are not liable or liable for damages in connection with the (temporary) unavailability or (interim) failure of the Platform. This does not limit StudyGo liability for a failure to perform or for improper performance of the contract.

Use of the platform

You may only use StudyGo if you behave properly. By this we mean that you are honest, don’t break things, don’t try to make money out of StudyGo (for example by selling glossaries), don’t make silly jokes or swear or be rude in any other way. If you do not abide by these rules, we may prevent you from using StudyGo.

  1. The functionality of the Platform and the vocabularies available depend on the type of account you have.
  2.  Your use of the Platform must not;
    a. be based on false information and/or be misleading;
    b. contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, bots or other software that can damage, disable, wipe out or otherwise cause the destruction of an automated work, or that are intended to circumvent technical protection measures of the Platform and/or the computer systems of StudyGo;
    c. consist of the use of tools and/or solutions (of third parties) to take over Content, or to spider, scrape or search the Platform in any other way;
    d. Have a commercial nature, without the written consent of StudyGo;
    e. obstruct the infrastructure of the Platform;
    f. be contrary to good morals;
    g. harm the interests and good name of StudyGo;
    h. breach these general terms and conditions, the Privacy Statement or legislation and/or regulations;
    i. infringe the rights of StudyGo and/or third parties, such as IP rights and privacy rights, or;
    j. are unlawful in any other way.
  3. If you act in violation of these general terms and conditions, the Agreement or if your actions result in damage or incur liability for StudyGo, we may restrict, suspend or withdraw your use of the platform. You will be notified of our refusal to provide services and of the fact that your account will be restricted, suspended or closed in advance. In such an event you have the right to respond to StudyGo’s decision in this respect and file a complaint with us that we process as soon as possible.


StudyGo has free and paid memberships for students up to the age of 18. Are you over 18? Then choose a paid membership. Sometimes we give away a discount code. This code can only be used once. If you choose a paid account, you (or your parents) must pay on time. If you don’t pay on time (this can happen), you will receive a warning. Still not paying? Then you can no longer log on to StudyGo until you have paid.

  1. Depending on the type of account, a fee may be due for the use of the Platform. When a fee is due, the following applies. You must pay the price for the Platform even if you do not use the Platform. The price of Platform depends on the length of your membership and the type of package you purchase. The types of membership and their prices are listed on our website.
  2. You can pay by the methods described on our website. We may verify payments made by credit card or bank account. You pay within the period stated on our website, unless we have agreed another periodic payment with you and/or payment is not or cannot be made by direct debit.
  3. If no payment term is stated on our website and we have not agreed otherwise with you, you must pay within fourteen (14) days of the invoice date.
  4. If you do not pay on time, we will let you know and give you time to do so. If payment is still not made, we may suspend or limit your access to the Platform until you have fulfilled of your (payment) obligations, including payment of extrajudicial (collection) costs and interest. Complaints about invoices and/or the Platform will not suspend your payment obligations. You will be notified of our refusal to provide services and of the fact that your account will be closed in advance. In such an event you have the right to respond to StudyGo decision in this respect and file a complaint that will be processed by us as soon as possible.
  5. You may use a discount code when ordering and paying. The discount code may be linked to a minimum amount and can only be redeemed once. Multiple discount codes cannot be combined with each other. If you have redeemed a discount code when ordering, we are entitled to charge the original price for the Platform if – due to a withdrawal – the total value of the order is less than the value of the discount code or it does not meet the conditions.
  6. Mogelijk maak je bij de bestelling en betaling gebruik van een kortingscode. De kortingscode kan zijn gekoppeld aan een minimumbedrag en kan slechts één keer worden verzilverd. Meerdere kortingscodes kunnen niet met elkaar gecombineerd worden. Als je bij een bestelling een kortingscode hebt verzilverd, dan hebben wij het recht de oorspronkelijke prijs voor het Platform in rekening te brengen als – vanwege een herroeping – de totale waarde van de bestelling lager is dan de waarde van de kortingscode of deze niet aan de voorwaarden voldoet.

Intellectual property rights

If you enter your own wordlists on StudyGo, these remain your property. However, other people are allowed to use and copy your lists. Publishers (the companies that make your school books) like it when you use the StudyGo wordlists only on StudyGo and do not put them on all kinds of other websites. This shows that you respect the publishers – after all, they made the lists.

  1. The intellectual property rights relating to the Platform, our website and the Content published via our website are vested in us and/or our licensors. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to transfer any intellectual property rights to you.
  2. Subject to the conditions in these Terms and Conditions and for the duration of the Agreement, we grant you a limited, personal, revocable, non-exclusive, non-sub- licensable, non-transferable right to access and use the Platform, including our website, and the Content, for the purposes described in these Terms and Conditions.
  3. You will not take any action that may infringe our intellectual property rights, such as registering domain names, trademarks or Google Adwords or retrieving or re-using substantial parts of the Platform, our website or the Content to the extend it might infringe applicable, intellectual property law, including but not limited to the Polish Act of 4 February 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights and the Polish Act of 27 July 2001 on the Protection of Databases and the Polish Act of 30 June 2000 on Industrial Property Law.
  4. All information, materials and/or documents you provide to us in the context of the platform remain your property. We are granted a free, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, non-cancellable, unrestricted, sub-licensable and transferable licence to use and edit the information, materials and/or documents in the context of the platform.


We try to help you as much as possible with learning words. However, we cannot promise that by practising on StudyGo you will improve in school. The reports we send you and/or show you on StudyGo are based on your play behaviour on StudyGo. It is possible that you score better or less well on a test or examination.

  1. We do our best to provide the best possible service. We do not give or make any guarantees, for example, about the operation, security or accuracy of the Content and the Platform, except as otherwise provided in these Terms and Conditions. We are under no obligation to add or maintain any Content or functionality on the platform upon request. This does not limit StudyGo liability for a failure to perform or for improper performance of the contract.
  2. We do not guarantee that your use of the Platform will produce any particular results, for example, an improvement in school performance.
  3. The reports we send you on your progress are based solely on your use of the Platform. You have no rights to any of these results, reports, statistics or other information obtained through the Platform.
  4. Wij zijn niet verantwoordelijk voor welke beslissing dan ook genomen op basis van de informatie die jij door middel van het Platform hebt verkregen.


Have you suffered damages as a result of using StudyGo? If so, please let us know as soon as possible. We are liable for any damage you suffer within statutory law provisions.

  1. Wanneer wij aansprakelijk zijn voor enige schade zijn wij alleen aansprakelijk voor de door jou geleden directe schade. Deze aansprakelijkheid is beperkt tot de in het lopende kalenderjaar daadwerkelijk door de jou aan ons betaalde vergoedingen (exclusief BTW) voor het Platform waaruit de aansprakelijkheid van ons voortvloeit. Onze aansprakelijk is in elk geval beperkt tot een (totaal)bedrag van maximaal EUR 1.000,= per schadeveroorzakende gebeurtenis.
  2. Onder directe schade wordt uitsluitend verstaan:
    a. materiële schade aan zaken;
    b. redelijke kosten die je zou moeten maken om onze prestatie in overeenstemming te brengen met de Overeenkomst, tenzij je de Overeenkomst hebt beëindigd;
    c. redelijke kosten die je hebt gemaakt om de oorzaak en de omvang van de schade vast te stellen, voor zover betrekking hebbend op directe schade; en
    d. redelijke kosten gemaakt ter voorkoming of beperking van directe schade.

    In geen geval zijn wij aansprakelijk voor indirecte schade. Indirecte schade bestaat onder andere uit gevolgschade, gederfde winst, gemiste besparingen, verminderde goodwill, schade door materialen of programmatuur van derden en schade wegens verminking, vernietiging of verlies van gegevens of documenten.

    Voorwaarde voor het ontstaan van enig recht op schadevergoeding is steeds dat jij de schade zo snel mogelijk na het ontdekken daarvan schriftelijk bij StudyGo meldt, maar in ieder geval binnen zestig (60) dagen.


You can become a member for three months or one year. If you cancel or stop using your membership within this time, you will not receive a refund. Do you not want to renew your membership? Please let us know that you wish to stop. New customers can take advantage of a free seven-day trial period. This allows you to see if you like StudyGo. After this trial period, you can choose a free or paid subscription, unless stated otherwise on the website.

  1. The Agreement comes into force at the moment  once your order is confirmed. After this, we give you the opportunity to access the Platform for the first time.

Initial Term

  1. The Agreement is entered into for a fixed term. This term is three (3) months or one (1) year, unless otherwise stated on the Platform. The Agreement may be terminated at any time by you, but such early termination will not affect the initial term of the Agreement and your obligations under the Agreement. If you stop using the Platform prematurely or cancel the membership, StudyGo is not obliged to refund any prepaid fee for the use of the Platform.

Conversion to an indefinite period

  1. After the agreed fixed term as stated in article 7.2, the Agreement is automatically and tacitly converted into an Agreement for an indefinite period. If you do not want the Agreement to be converted into an Agreement for an indefinite period, you must cancel the Agreement via your account no later than one (1) month before the expiry of the term.
  2. If the Agreement has been converted into an Agreement for an indefinite period, you can always terminate the Agreement via your account, subject to a notice period of one (1) month.

Extension of a fixed term

  1. Article 7.3 does not apply if you indicate in your Account that you wish to extend the Agreement for a limited period. Article 7.2 applies accordingly to this extension.

Trial period

  1. You may benefit from a free trial period. This trial period will last for seven (7) days, unless otherwise indicated on the Platform. The free trial period applies to new customers only. New Customers means Customers who have not entered into an Agreement with StudyGo in the six (6) months prior to registration.
  2. After the free trial period has ended, you will be charged the amount of the first term of the Agreement. This does not happen if you cancel the Agreement via your account before the end of the free trial period. You will not be notified when the free trial period ends, unless otherwise stated on the website.


When your membership has ended, you can no longer log in to StudyGo. If there are any bills from StudyGo that you have not yet paid, you must pay them immediately.

  1. When the Agreement ends, you may no longer use the Platform. We will immediately make your account inaccessible.
  2. If the Agreement is terminated by termination for cause, any amounts invoiced by us prior to such termination in relation to what we have properly performed will remain due. These amounts become due and payable immediately upon termination.

Customer satisfaction guarantee

For some memberships, the following applies: if you are not satisfied, your money will be refunded. However, you must be a new customer and cancel your membership within 30 days. We will then refund the money to your bank account within a month.

  1. For some memberships, we use the satisfaction guarantee “Not satisfied, money back”. The website indicates which memberships this applies to.
  2. The satisfaction guarantee means the following. If you are not satisfied with us or our Service, you may cancel the Agreement within 30 days by sending an email to [email protected]. We will do our best to refund you within one (1) month to the account number you provided.
  3. The Satisfaction Guarantee only applies if you are a new customer, as described in clause 7.6.  Customer will be explicitly informed before conclusion of the Agreement whether the Satisfaction Guarantee applies to him/her or not.
  4. Om het herroepingsrecht uit te oefenen, moet je ons dit laten weten door middel van een duidelijke verklaring (bijvoorbeeld per e-mail). Je kunt hiervoor dit modelformulier gebruiken of ons contactformulier invullen. Het modelformulier stuur je naar [email protected].  Je moet de verklaring versturen vóór het aflopen van de herroepingstermijn.
  5. StudyGo zal vervolgens de door jou betaalde vergoeding binnen 14 dagen terugstorten op het door jou opgegeven rekeningnummer.

Privacy Statement

Alle informatie die we hebben over jou (bijvoorbeeld hoe goed het gaat met oefenen) delen we niet met anderen tenzij jij of je ouders hiervoor akkoord geven of omdat dit nodig is om StudyGo aan jou te kunnen aanbieden. Wil je hier meer over weten? Lees dan ons Privacy Statement op de website.

  1. We process the data that you provide during the ordering process and the data that you provide when using the Service in a safe manner and in accordance with the Privacy Statement, and applicable laws and regulations.


We hope it won’t ever happen, but suppose we get into a conflict (you disagree with us or we disagree with you) and we can’t work it out together, then we ask the court for help. A judge will then decide which of us is right and help us solve our problem.

  1. When we have given permission, you may transfer rights and/or obligations from the agreement with us to a third party. We may transfer our rights and obligations in connection with the Agreement to third parties and will inform you of this.
  2. Dutch law applies to the Agreement, these General Terms and Conditions and all use you make of our Platform.
  3. All disputes arising from and/or related to the Agreement and/or these Terms and Conditions will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.

Last modified on 25 July 2023.