Learn foreign languages faster and more fun: learning platform StudyGo is now available worldwide


Good news for students who struggle with learning vocabulary at school! The dutch learning platform WRTS, has created the platform StudyGo, for worldwide use! On the platform it is possible to practice vocabulary by making study sets, learning by making quizzes or using flashcards! This has made the learning process a lot easier. Curious? Keep on reading!

Practicing vocabulary online

Online learning platform StudyGo helps children around the world master their foreign languages. StudyGo is a free platform and helps youngsters to practice vocabulary. The languages we offer are French, German, Spanish, English, Polish, Portuguese, and more! StudyGo can also be used by teachers!

Succes for every student

Tijntje Louwers: “It’s StudyGo’s mission to help every student succeed in their foreign languages. We are happy that we can also help children across the globe with our learning platform and creating meaning to their lives.”

Vocabulary and learning tools

StudyGo keeps refining the platform to keep improving: “We hope to keep learning in order to upgrade the platform even more. We work closely together with parents, teachers and students: in this way we not only guarantee the best results, we also keep track of well your child is doing and how we can help them out when help is needed.

StudyGo: Free learning platform

Students and teachers are able to make their own study sets to practice vocabulary or prepare homework. Quizzes are also available and different study modes can be chosen. Such as, ‘Spelling’, ‘Dictation’, ‘Hints’ or ‘Test’. Dive even deeper with ‘Multiple Choice’, and ‘In Your Mind’ (Flashcards)!

Teachers can make their own groups for students, prepare study sets for homework, and track their students’ progress. Also StudyGo Live, our new function is available!

About StudyGo

StudyGo is our international platform for WRTS, originally from The Netherlands and Belgium. WRTS has been market leader in the Netherlands since 2005. The platform is free and helps students master their foreign languages. Students and teachers can create their own study sets and share them with others.

At this moment around 500.000 students are practicing their vocabulary in StudyGo.

Want to know more?

Do you want more information on StudyGo? Get in contact with Tijntje Louwers:
[email protected]

Tips for memorising your vocabulary


Are you struggling with memorising your vocabulary? By using mnemonics, you will remember your vocabulary better. Want to find out more? Keep on reading!

How do you memorise a new word?

Do you sometimes have a blackout when learning a new word? This is probably because the word is hard and you do not have a link yet with the word. For example, the word avion, meaning airplane in French. You can link this word with the song Sur le pont d’Avignon. This way, you can memorise the word better. The more personal the link is, the better.

How do you remember the spelling of a new word?

A good tip for remembering the word is by making it into a sentence, e.g. with the word avion, it would be A Very Imaginative Obsessive Nerd. The first letters form the word avion together. This way, you can remember the spelling better!

How do you memorise a number sequence?

Did you ever have to memorise a telephone number? This can be very boring. Luckily, you can simplify this. Imagine your phone number is 0743295743. Begin by grouping the numbers, as you see in the picture. This will make it easier for you to memorise a long number sequence. Try memorising the first two numbers one by one and finally form it into the whole sequence!

Already using these techniques?

When using these techniques, it is important that you do not rush the learning process. On average, you have to hear a word 7 times before you will have memorised it. Say you have a study set of 100 words; you will be studying for a while. To make it manageable, practise with study sets with a maximum of 30 words. Want to try it out?

3 useful tips for making an interactive quiz


Looking for a fun way to energise your pupils? Kick start your lesson with a fun and interactive quiz by using our new function, StudyGo Live! Get your students engaged in the course materials and track their progress. You might be thinking…how can you make an interactive quiz? Keep on reading and you will find out!

1. Use pictures

When you create a quiz on StudyGo, there is an option to add a picture to the question. This can make the quiz more fun and also more interactive. With images in the quiz, you’ll remember the course materials better!

2. Fill in the missing words

With this question, get your student to fill in the missing words. This way, they can think about the course materials in an active manner. It doesn’t have to be a missing word, of course; it can also be a missing number.

3. True or false

Use our Multiple Choice function to create true or false questions for your class. This can also be used in combination with pictures to make the learning process more effective for your students.