Looking for a fun way to study? Or trying to learn grammar or difficult concepts? Make a quiz for any subject and share them with friends or classmates.

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Switch up your learning routine by making a quiz with a variety of different question types. Choose from open questions, multiple choice, ‘In Your Mind’ (flashcards), dictation or learn by filling in the blanks. This makes learning both a challenge and fun.

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Our quiz editor gives you total freedom to create any question you like. Add images, tables, sounds and follow-up questions. This makes quizzes great for studying grammar or difficult concepts.

Learn whilst making a quiz

Are you tired of making notes? Making a quiz works the same! By creating your own questions, you will already be absorbing the course materials.

Share your quizzes with anyone

When you are preparing for an exam, you can make your own quiz or you can use the quizzes which your friends or teachers have made. There is a good chance that there is already a quiz available for every subject!

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