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Get higher grades for German faster with StudyGo. Practise German with study sets and quizzes.

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With our different study modes, you can practise German vocabulary extensively. This makes learning not only more varied, but it also ensures that you will remember everything better.

Test yourself on ‘Spelling’, practise with ‘Dictation’, ‘Hints’ or go straight to the ‘Test’. Dive even deeper with ‘Multiple Choice’ and ‘In Your Mind’ (Flashcards)!

Make your own study sets or use your friends’

With StudyGo, you can learn German by making your own study sets or quizzes. Or use exercises from your classmates or teachers and then practise, practise, practise!

Practise with German grammar

Do you know when to use the Nominativ, Genitiv, Dativ or Akkusativ? Create or find a quiz to master your grammar skills. You will never forget again when to use der, des, dem or den.

Keep track of your progress

After each exercise, we show you how many questions you got right, which ones you still have to learn and your overall grade. This way, you will always be up to date with how well you are prepared for a German exam.

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